Dorota Barova is a Czech singer and cello player with a distinctive voice and sound. She is a well known member of numerous groups, including Tara Fuki, Vertigo Quintet, Tugriki, Aneta Langerová Band, as well as because of her work with Josef Ostřanský (Kuzmich Orchestra), Lenka Dusilová, Beata Hlavenková and many others. In October 2018, she released her first solo album Iluzja (Illusion) by Animal Music. The album received Czech Music Academy Award - Anděl and Jantar Award. She recorded the album with two outstanding Czech musicians - the guitarist Miroslav Chyška (Illustratosphere, JAR, Die El.Eleffant!) and the bassist Jakub Vejnar (Muff, November 2nd etc.). All of Dorota´s lyrics are in Polish, and they are mostly her own original compositions and lyrics. Two of the songs have lyrics written by the Polish poet Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński and the Polish music publicist Teresa Drozda. One song was composed by pianist and composer Beata Hlavenková with Dorota's lyrics.

 Managment / Hanka Podhorská

         +420 732 344 247 


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